Creating a new community for working families

We envision a vibrant new community with distinct neighborhoods that honor our north county’s heritage and lifestyle.

Walkable neighborhoods surrounding a village center, a work campus for a large employer, local businesses and remote workers, a new school, parks and playing fields, walking paths, hike and bike trails, and open space. These amenities create a connected and healthy place to call home.

Our History Informs Our Future

For more than 100 years, the area known as Solomon Hills has been used for oil and gas production. It was once a thriving community where people raised their families and prospered. Over time as the industry and area changed, people moved down from the hill and closer to additional jobs.

Today, these 1,900 acres, just south of the Orcutt Hills ridgeline and west of Highway 101, offer a compelling opportunity for much-needed housing, making it a thriving community once again.

Repurposing Land to Meet Future North County’s Housing and Job Needs

By 2050, 75% of Santa Barbara County‘s population increase and 40% of its job growth is forecast to be in North County.* Using just one-third of this 1,900-acre parcel, we’re proposing a variety of up to 4,000 homes in several new neighborhoods to be phased over time, with 70% of the homes designed for working families and first-time buyers. Additionally, there will be space to locate businesses supporting up to 2,000 new jobs.

The remaining two-thirds of the parcel will be in parks, trails, recreation, open space,
and protective conservation easements.

Our Vision

Attainable Homes Thoughtfully Integrated with the Land