Beginning the Permanent Transformation of Oil and Gas to New Sustainable Economic and Environmental Uses

The Solomon Hills Proposal is for a property south of the Santa Maria Valley that is currently active with oil and gas production on 1,903 acres.

The proposal envisions:

  • 760 acres for potential future residential and neighborhood-serving commercial redevelopment
  • Approximately 1,129 acres of open space, conservation easements, parks, and trails
  • 59% of the total parcel as open space
  • A community with a full range of housing types, up to 4,000 residences when fully built out
Solomon Hills Trails Map

Potential Residential, Commercial, Open Space Percentages

The property is an active oil field with substantial oil development dating back to the early 1900s. If the County approves the proposed new use, the property owner, Solstra, will work toward carbon neutrality by abandoning the oil wells and removing all oil-related infrastructure in the project area so residential and commercial redevelopment can safely occur.

How are we Planning on making a difference?

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Incorporating Central California Coast’s green energy initiatives

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Energy-efficient building standards and Community-wide solar integration

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Removing all oil-related infrastructure in the project area

Transitioning the property to a new use allows Solstra to undertake scalable, sustainable design and construction practices to significantly minimize the carbon footprint and water consumption of future residents, including:

  • Energy-efficient building standards
  • Community-wide solar integration
  • Incorporating Central California Coast’s green energy initiatives
  • Aligning with Santa Barbara County’s Climate Action Plan and the Governor’s California Comeback Plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035

The Property Owner

Solstra Communities California, LLC is a local, U.S.-based company backed by private investors dedicated to creating thoughtful, sustainable communities through the repurposing and revitalizing of land historically used for oil and gas production.

Solstra leadership has a demonstrated track record of creating sustainable neighborhoods, engaging in extensive community collaboration efforts, and managing complex, long-term projects.  They have assembled a local project team along with international sustainability experts to guide them in creating a model sustainable community for Santa Barbara County.

Solstra purchased Pacific Coast Energy Company (PCEC) and its assets in 2019. The acquisition included the 1,903-acre Solomon Hills area in northern Santa Barbara County.