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Solstra Communities California

Solstra Communities California, LLC is a U.S.-based company backed by private investors dedicated to creating thoughtful, sustainable, resilient communities through the repurposing and revitalizing of unique properties such as Solomon Hills.

Solstra leadership has a demonstrated track record of creating sustainable neighborhoods, engaging in extensive community collaboration efforts, and managing complex, long-term projects in Denmark and throughout Europe. They have assembled a local project team, along with international sustainability experts, to guide them in creating a model sustainable community for Santa Barbara County’s working families.

Solstra purchased Pacific Coast Energy Company (PCEC) and its assets in 2019. The acquisition included the 1,903-acre Solomon Hills area in northern Santa Barbara County.

As part of its commitment to honoring Santa Barbara County’s roots, Solstra engaged a robust team led by trusted consultants, many of whom have lived and worked in this area for decades.

AO Architects

BrightView Landscape

Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber & Schreck

David Wolff Environmental

Economic Development Service of CA.

H&H Environmental

Land Development Consultants

Leftwich Archaeology

Pacific Kies Development

Palmer Consulting

Resolute & Associates

RRM Design Group

Terrain Consulting

Wallace Group


We are committed to creating a thriving and sustainable socially connected community that is within reach for working families. Our approach will bring social, economic and environmental benefits through thoughtful reuse of industrial land while incorporating innovative environmental and technological practices.

Permitting and Public Review Timeline

2022 - 2023

Pre-Application for General Plan Amendment Initiation
Submit Application for General Plan Amendment Initiation
County Planning Commission 5-0 Vote to Initiate General Plan Amendment
Begin Studies & Create Project Specific Plan

2024 - 2025

Submit Project Application, Specific Plan and General Plan Amendment
Environmental Study & Review
Public Project Review Hearings
Project Approval by County

Guiding Policy Documents

Economic Impact

The Solomon Hills project will have a significant economic impact on the local economy through the creation of new homes and jobs, taxes and development fees.

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